Oct 5, 2009

More Randomness

1) Ok, so Campbell's has a new "all natural," line of soups. So, should I be worried about what I was eating before they came out with the said, "all natural," line?

2) Why do I wait as long as possible to use the restroom after I've cleaned the toilet?

3) It's 2009, so why are they bleeping out certain words on the Golden Girls? They didn't bleep out certain words back in the day when it was on network television and I was watching it with my Mamaw.

4) Why do other drivers make it a point to pull right out in front of me when there is not a car in sight behind me? What makes it even worse is when someone pulls out in front of me and goes 20 mph.

5)Why do I do my best work at the end of the month?

1 comment:

Emily said...

Hey Kelly! He recommended using a temporal (sp?) thermometer on her forehead or behind her ear but said they are pretty expensive. He said to stay away from the ear thermometers (too much room for error) and rectally was dangerous if untrained. Great blog conversation, huh?! :)