Sep 27, 2008

Welcome to Airhead City population ME hehe!

Ok, so Anthony has been missing a pair of his eyeglasses for at least a month now. Today, I was cleaning the kitchen and something just made me take a look inside a cansister on the countertop. Guess what I found in the canister? Yup, Anthony's glasses--they're no longer M.I.A.. I suppose I placed them in the canister at some point to get them out of the way. Who knows why I would put eyeglasses in a decorative canister??? hehe Leave it to me!

Sep 24, 2008

Just Venting...

Ok, so I don't mind going to the dentist at all, but I HATE going to the doctor. I guess that's why I've put off getting a physical for 4 years. Tomorrow, I have a dental appointment @ 9 and a physical @ 11. I'm sooooo nervous! Just think of me and pray for me if you're reading this prior to 11 AM on Thursday, 9/25. Thanks!

Sep 18, 2008


I'm posting the link to one of my fave Seinfeld episodes...heck, what am I saying? I love them all! hehe. Anyhoo, the link is to a bit from the episode where Elaine is dating a guy who goes into a trance everytime he hears the song Desperado. I think we all have a song or two that we just have to pause for, or at least I know I do. One song that I have to pause for is Diana Krall's Why Should I Care. What's yours?

Sep 17, 2008

Update on Previous Post...

I just did some research on laws/regulations and such regarding telemarketers--it is violation for telemarketers to call before 8 AM and after 9 PM. I decided, while I was at it, to go ahead and finally get on the do not call registry. I could have filed a complaint had I been on the registry for at least 31 days. It wouldn't have made a difference anyhow as the number was unknown, and the telemarketer did not give me their name or affiliation. I should have asked...too late now. It should be against the law for a number to be unknown.
All of this B.S. just made me think of another issue. Recently, the phone rang, and on the caller ID it showed Buddy's Bar-B-Q, Powell, TN...I picked it up thinking it was someone I knew and it was one of those automated calls trying to sell me satellite service or something. How do people get away with this crap?
I can't believe that one call has sent me on a rampage tonight...hehe.

The Bitch Came Out Tonight...

So...I had no idea that telemarketers could call past 9 PM--I thought it was some sort of law. Well, tonight I received a call at 9:54 PM from an unknown number and the bitch in me told me to answer it, so I did. I answered the phone in a very soft voice as Liv was sleeping--the lady on the other end asked "can I speak to your mother or father?" Oh, man this really got me fired up. I was like(after a long pause) "um,I'm 27 years old, so no." Well, once she realizes she's on the phone with an adult she goes on with her spiel about my car warranty. When she finally stops to ask me how many miles are currently on my vehicle (first off, I'm thinking, which damn vehicle is she talking about?)I ask her what the time is from where she's calling. Well, the bitch doesn't answer me and instead asks what time it is on my end. I told her..."it's 5 til' 10 PM and my baby's sleeping." She apologized, but in a bitchy tone. WTF???

Sep 16, 2008

Maybe I should just make this a dream journal...

So, I just now remembered this dream from last night and had to write about it. I dreamt that my house had all fake wood paneling inside...we're talking the fake railing and all. I guess you could say it was more of a nightmare. It just made me think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer had the idea to make his apartment all wood. Anyhoo...I must have hated it so much in the dream that I tried to burn the place down. I didn't realize that I had left the stove eye on with a towel or pot warmer on top of it and started a fire. I was trying to blow the fire out, but it kept reigniting. Well, that's all I can remember.:)

Sep 15, 2008

Another Strange Dream...

Drowning Dream Meaning
Psychological Meaning: Dreams of drowning or struggling in treacherous waters may represent your fear of being swallowed by forces hidden in the depths of your unconscious. You may be proceeding too quickly with your opening of the unconscious. It may be helpful to talk your problems and fears through with a
friend. They may be able to throw you a lifeline and help you 'keep your head above water'. The dream also shows how you are being overwhelmed by your emotions. You may fear sinking financially or be drowning in your difficulties. Do you feel that, in waking life, you are being 'sucked into' something you would rather not be a part of? Pause for a while and make sure you have your 'feet firmly on solid ground' before you make any major decision.
Mystical Meaning: A business will flounder if you dream of drowning but will succeed if you are rescued.

Ok, so last night I had this very symbolic dream, or at least I think it was symbolic. Anyhoo, I had jumped off into a lake or ocean or something and somehow under the water, I got my wedding rings caught up in a ladder. I was drowning because my rings were hung up. My only hope for survival was to remove my wedding rings. I felt remorse for losing my wedding rings, yet I was relieved to have my head above water. What does this all mean? I pulled the above dream interpretation from one of those dream interpretation sites. It sort of makes sense.

Sep 3, 2008

This is for You Tammy

So, those of you who have actually taken the time to read some of my posts, may know that I have strange dreams from time to time. Well, last night, I had a dream that actually made sense in some sort of cosmic way. My cousin passed away 10 or so years ago at the age of 19. We grew up together and were fairly close, even though we fought a lot. She was the closest thing I had to a sister since I'm an only child. So, she was in my dream last night, and we had a conversation. It seemed so real, even though I knew I was dreaming, if that makes any sense. She told me, "I'm always with you and watching over you." I was like, "so, you're my guardian angel?" She said something to the affect of "no, it's not like that--it doesn't work that way." It was so nice talking to her in the dream and I immediately woke up following the dream and felt very calm. Of course, I googled the whole dream scenario and read that loved ones can in fact, communicate with us in our dreams. It's weird timing because Tammy's 29th birthday (I think) would have been this Sunday and the anniversary of her death next month.

Sep 1, 2008

Thanks Again to the Daily OM!

September 1, 2008

Enduring Discomfort-Missing Our Old Habits

Whenever we make the effort to free ourselves of an addiction or a habit we no longer need, we are often surprised to find ourselves missing the old pattern as we would a familiar friend. This sounds counterintuitive, because we think we should instinctively gravitate toward that which is good for us. And yet, it makes a lot of sense when you consider that we humans are creatures of habit. This is why we gravitate to people and places—and patterns of behavior--that make us feel comfortable. Therefore, many of the habits we form are not conscious and are based instead on learned behavior from role models who were not always making the healthiest decisions. Most addictions begin as a way of avoiding feelings that are extremely uncomfortable, so it makes sense that stopping the addiction means, for a time, a fair amount of discomfort. The same, of course, is true of habits that we have developed over time that we are ready to release. Just knowing that this is hard, and having compassion for ourselves as we work through this process, can help us to stay the course when we feel the urge to backtrack. It’s also helpful to remember that in time we will establish new, healthier patterns, and the yearning for the old ones will disappear. Eventually, we will instinctively reach for things that are good for us, and the longing for positive change may form the basis of a new habit. The only way to get to this new place is to endure a time of difficulty, which is a challenge we can confidently handle, if we remember that it will lead to the change we seek in our lives. Our bodies, hearts, and minds always need time to adjust to a new way of doing things, but they will adapt, and even become our allies, if we remain true to our vision of a new way.