Sep 17, 2008

The Bitch Came Out Tonight...

So...I had no idea that telemarketers could call past 9 PM--I thought it was some sort of law. Well, tonight I received a call at 9:54 PM from an unknown number and the bitch in me told me to answer it, so I did. I answered the phone in a very soft voice as Liv was sleeping--the lady on the other end asked "can I speak to your mother or father?" Oh, man this really got me fired up. I was like(after a long pause) "um,I'm 27 years old, so no." Well, once she realizes she's on the phone with an adult she goes on with her spiel about my car warranty. When she finally stops to ask me how many miles are currently on my vehicle (first off, I'm thinking, which damn vehicle is she talking about?)I ask her what the time is from where she's calling. Well, the bitch doesn't answer me and instead asks what time it is on my end. I told her..."it's 5 til' 10 PM and my baby's sleeping." She apologized, but in a bitchy tone. WTF???

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