Jul 31, 2008

Strange Dreams...

Ruben Studdard + Christmas Ornament + Joe McHale+Spraypaint = last night's crazy dream!!!
I only remember certain bits and pieces of my dream so I'm giving it to you in bits and pieces. Ok, so I was on vacation somewhere and I was asked to pick up a Ruben Studdard signature ornament for a family member. I'm bragging to Anthony about how wonderful these ornaments are. Later, I'm in a room with a bunch of people, huffing spraypaint in an organized fashion. I'm laughing so hard because of the spraypaint (I've never huffed anything by the way...so, I'm just assuming it makes one laugh). Then, Joel McHale from the Soup shows up and I start hitting on him, and he rejects me! I become more desperate and keep begging him to kiss me or do something with me...hehe. I then end up @ this really cool place to eat. It's one of those places where you can't eat inside, but have to walk up to the window to order. There's so much on the menu and it's so overwhelming. I see this old woman order a screwdriver and lasagna. They actually hand her an entire bottle of vodka so I'm like that's what I'm having too. haha! Oh, yeah, I also just remembered that my old high school buddy, Jamie B. was in my dream, but she was still with her high school boyfriend, Tim (those two broke up back in high school). There was a bunch of other crazy stuff going on in the dream that I can't even remember. The only thing I can figure is that I ate in bed last night hehe. I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up around midnight craving a snack, so I had a piece of pepperjack cheese and a Reese's 100 calorie snack with a diet Mountain Dew. I may do it again tonight to see if my dream continues...:)

Jul 25, 2008

Daily OM

I receive the Daily OM via email each day--today's couldn't be more fitting:

Today's DailyOM brought to you by:

July 25, 2008Feeling Threatened Afraid Of The Truth
Most of us have had the experience of being in possession of a piece of truth that we were afraid to share because we knew it would not be well received. There are also instances in which we ourselves have been unable to handle some truth confronting us. This might be a small truth, such as not wanting to see that our car needs repairs because we don’t want to pay for them, or a large truth, such as not fully accepting that someone close to us is pushing us away. Usually the truth is evident, and we can see it if we choose, but we have elaborate ways of hiding the truth form ourselves, no matter how apparent it is. For the most part, we avoid the truth because it scares us, or makes us angry, or makes us feel like we don’t know what to do. We often create our lives based on a particular understanding, and if that understanding turns out to be fully or even partially incorrect, we may feel that our whole sense of reality is being threatened. It takes a strong person to face the truth in circumstances like these, and many of us run for cover instead. Nevertheless, we can only avoid the truth for so long before it begins to make itself known in ever more forceful ways. Ultimately, there is no way to avoid the truth, no matter how painful it is, so the sooner we let down our defenses, the better. When we know the truth and accept that we may have to adjust our lives to accommodate, we are in alignment with reality. At the same time, we can be patient with people around us who have a hard time seeing the truth, because we know how painful it can be. Whatever the truth is, we make a sincere effort not to close our eyes to it, but instead to be grateful that we have access to it.

Jul 24, 2008

Memoirs of a Melodramatic College Student-2000

I'm aware by now that nobody reads my blog so I'm just gonna post an old journal entry. Like my mom says, I'm better than everyone and I'm gonna fall...

Friday, January 7, 2000, 12:30 am

Quote: "And I'm tired and bored of waiting for you and all of those things you never do."

Wow! I am not in turmoil over something for once! This is such an amazing breakthrough! The above quote in a way, expresses how I feel about (blank). I am tired of waiting. Maybe I will find someone when I get back to school. yes, I am seeing (blank) on Sunday, but he has been horny so I am wondering if he wasn't, would the case be different. Oh,well, enough about him! I am so ready to go back to school this Sunday. I am going back to the good ol' ghetto. Oh yeeahh! I am listening to DIDO and DIDO just rules. I love DIDO, but I think I'm about to go into my Mazzy Star phase in a few...because I just love Mazzy Star! This pen is starting to struggle. My handwriting is going downhill. Oh well...I really don't know what to write, but since this journal was $12.00 I feel like I should be writing in it. There really isn't much to say though when I sleep until 2 and talk on AOl all day. I can't live like this much longer! Thank God I am going back to school soon!!! It is rather funny...when you are younger you write your innermost thoughts and feelings in a diary, but when you get older it is a journal. Sometimes I think my thoughts and feelings were deeper when I was younger. Life is just rather confusing now. I never know if I am going to get into that one class that will just finally kill me off. My math class took a lot out of me last semester. I have another fun filled world of math in store for me next semester. Oh joy!!! It is just like everything in my life is a blur and everything also seems so out of my reach. I know it sounds crazy, but I would love to get married in a few years. I want a lot of different things, most of all I want to find that one person who knows me better than anyone else...that someone who will hold me when I have had a terrible day or even a great day. And most importantly someone who I can stand and that I actually want to be holding me. Yes, school is important and becoming a teacher is very important, but I also want one special person to share all of this with as well. Sometimes all I think (blank)wants me for is blank...and don't get me wrong it is great with him, but I do want more than just blank(I put way too much trust into people not to read this)Today we had a long conversation about BLANK! I mean, I take it as a compliment that he claims I am the best blank he has ever had (out of 2 people 1 being myself). He is about a cornball and it almost makes me laugh. This damn pen sucks ass. It gets light then dark and light then dark...It needs to make up its mind or something. You know...I was just thinking of the future of all of the blank pages ahead what will be written on those blank pages...what stories of my happiness and heartache will be on those pages...It is interesting to think about. I must really be bored to have these thoughts. I love Mazzy Star, and blank, he knows I love Mazzy Star and yet, why does he continue to make fun of them. I don't make fun of Billy Joel, because I actually like Billy Joel, damn him!!! Mazzy Star soothes me. Even when loud, they don't seem loud So what if they have a lot of re verb that is the sound they are going for. That is what makes them who they are, Mazzy Star. I sound bitter don't I? I am not bitter!!! I need to go now because I am starting to argue with myself and that hast to be the dumbest thing in the world. I am turning into Lakeshore material (JOKE.

Jul 22, 2008




I had a dream right before I woke up this morning that worms were coming out of my nose so I looked it up in the dream dictionary-this is what it means (allegedly):

To see a worm in your dream, represents weakness and general negativity. You have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life.
To dream that the worm is crawling on your body, indicates that you feel someone around you is taking advantage of you and feeding off your kind heartedness.

Jul 18, 2008


Wow! I was just scanning through Tennessee's Sexual offender registry...there's a dude on there who is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, and in the picture, he's wearing a "best dad" shirt. I would have ripped that shirt right off of him or would have at least made him cover up the "best dad," part. Only in Tennessee!

Jul 17, 2008


Here are some pictures from Liv's first Dollywood trip--it was a little hot and boring for her so she's looks miserable in most of the pics. Bless her heart!

Jul 13, 2008

Teenage Pregnancy is the New Black!

Ok, I admit that I'm addicted to celebrity smut-I can't resist picking up at least one tabloid while waiting in the grocery line. I must admit, however, I was disturbed to read the latest edition of OK!. As you can see on the cover, there's a radiant, well-rested Jamie Lynn Spears with her new baby. There is a 6 page article/spread inside featuring several photos of Jamie Lynn and her new family. There is one pic of Jamie Lynn wearing a white negligee-she's on the bed with the baby beside her. Another pic is taken in the kitchen--Casey (baby's daddy) is pouring coffee for Jamie Lynn as the baby rests in the glider, which is on top of the kitchen island. How safe, right? It's a picture taken right out of the 1950's American Dream. So, you ask why I'm disturbed by this? Are we forgetting that Jamie Lynn is a baby herself? Are we forgetting that our kids (well, not mine) are still watching Zoey 101?

It also disturbs me that in her interview, Jamie Lynn makes being a new mother sound like a walk in the park. She exclaims, "I feel great. I've been able to go back to doing my normal cleaning and everything." She goes on to say, "I love taking care of her. It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I'm happy all the time." Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Jamie Lynn is making the most out of the situation she's in. However, other tweens and teenagers who read this smut, may decide to be less careful or even try to become pregnant thinking that they too, will be "happy all the time." Ok, I'm now stepping down from my soapbox...my point has been made or at least I hope.