Jun 28, 2008

More Random Pics...

Mystery Plant

These are pics of some strange type of plant in my back yard. Is this plant familiar to anyone? It's kind of freaky looking.

Jun 27, 2008

Here's to You Mommie Dearest...

I'm getting straight to the point here...my mom has been talking smack about me and I don't appreciate it. She's been telling people that I won't let her see Olivia. This is simply not true. You don't want to know the truth. There's two sides to every story...just remember this. Remember the movie, Mommie Dearest???

Jun 26, 2008

Update on previous post...

I'm so thankful that Olivia kept me up all night. I think she may just be the reason that My car wasn't also broken into. Later in the morning, I found out that my neighbor's car window was smashed out. I'm pretty sure that I scared the little thiefs away when I got up to turn on the lights to make Liv some warm milk. Thanks Liv!:)

We're Not in Freakin' Mayberry Anymore!

Ok, so Anthony thought he had locked his truck from inside the house last night with the remote thingy, but I guess it didn't take. The doors were unlocked all night and someone helped themselves to all of his change (he has a lot of change) and his Rayban sunglasses. It's crazy because Liv was up almost all night, so one would think I would have heard something or the dog would have barked. It was most likely a kid getting a cheap thrill-a kid that now has a lot of change and some nice sunglasses. Nonetheless, it's disturbing that someone walked onto our property and got into one of our vehicles while we were inside sleeping (or trying to sleep at least). We all too often have a false sense of security-crime can occur anywhere. Just take the double-murder that occurred in Knoxville a year ago. Who knew such as heinous crime could take place so close to home? Just remember, We're Not in Freakin' Mayberry Anymore! Lock your doors!

Jun 25, 2008

My New Running Shoes!

I used a small portion of my stimulus pay on running shoes...it's my little way of boosting the economy and saying "Thank you for my smaller ass Mr. President!";)

Follow the link if you would like to see my new shoes: http://www.nike.com/index.jhtml?l=nikestore&cp=usns_em_auto_orderconf#l=nikestore,grid,_pdp,cid-1/gid-161295/pid-161294,_grid,f-10001+12001+26028&re=US&co=US&la=EN

The Tibetan Rites

I don't even know if anyone reads this, but if you are reading this, I'm posting a link to the Tibetan Rites. I learned about this from my yoga instructor and it's pretty neat.:)


You gotta love Maxine!


What is up with automated telemarketers now??? I received at least two calls today from a freakin' robot. I can't even get any enjoyment from cussing a telemarketer out anymore. What is this world coming to? I guess my husband will never get a break now. I usually take my bad days out on him. hehe;) (this is a much older pic of Liv by the way...I thought it fit well into this post though):)

Jun 22, 2008

Goofy Pic of the Week!

We unfortunately had to miss my friend's wedding reception, so I obviously do not have any pics from that, but I do not disappoint hehe. I'm still providing a goofy pic to get your week started off right.;)

Jun 19, 2008

More to Come...

I'm honestly not sure if anyone even reads my blog, but just in case, I want to let everyone know that I'm really busy with work and personal matters right now and simply do not have time to post any new goofy pictures. I should have some good pics from my friend's post-wedding reception on Saturday. Stay tuned!

Jun 15, 2008


This is a serious post for a change...One week ago today, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. She was placed in a nursing home on Thursday for "rehab." Insurance is covering the stay 100% for 20 days. However, the sad reality is that mamaw can no longer live alone and take care of herself. She can't go back home. This really has nothing to do with the point I'm about to make. I just wanted to give an update. The point I want to make is that it's a shame the only time family usually comes together is when a crisis arises. I'm guilty as well. I've gone months without visit my mamaw who lives only an hour away. There were too many other things to do such as work, housekeeping, etc. Life is so short, and we spend way too much of it worrying about the trivial matters. I suggest that everyone read Anna Quindlen's book, A Short Guide to a Happy Life. Two of my favorite quotes from this book include: 1) Consider the lilies of the field. Look at the fuzz on a baby's ear. Read in the back-yard with the sun on your face. Learn to be happy and think of life as a terminal illness, because, if you do, you will live it with joy and passion, as it ought to be lived. and 2)No man ever said on his deathbed I wish I had spent more time at the office. These are wonderful words to live by.

Jun 9, 2008

My Goofy Picture for the Week...as promised:)

Hold the tomato please...

Why is it that every time there is a food recall, it's something that I've had a craving for and have already eaten a lot of. I don't know if it's the hot weather, but I've been eating tomato and mayo sandwiches at least once a week. Guess what? Tomatoes are being recalled for Salmonella-even Taco Bell and McDonald's have pulled tomatoes off the menu. It just figures. For instance, when I was pregnant, I had a huge craving for salads and was eating them just about daily. Then there was the spinach recall and a lettuce recall so I quit eating salads. I didn't eat a salad for at least two months, or a raw veggie for that matter. I guess that's why I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy. I just started drinking shakes and eating pizza. What's even worse is that items are being recalled that one would never imagine being unsafe. Take last year's peanut butter recall for example. Who would have thought that their peanut butter could make them sick?!? I'm a hypochondriac to begin with so this shit doesn't help. I just thought I'd vent.

Jun 7, 2008

Lady Liv Loves the Backyardigans

I'm posting pics of Liv playing with her new Backyardigan's toy on this lovely Saturday morning...enjoy!:)

Jun 5, 2008

Quarter-Life Crisis

So...I had an epiphany yesterday and decided that I was going to take charge of my whiteness. It's gotten so bad that my husband has been hinting around, making comments like "you can always go lay out on the back patio to get some sun." I'm not just white-I'm transparent. I'm 27 years old and had never laid in a tanning bed until yesterday. The whole experience is bizarre. Most of my friends who tan say things like, "oh, it's a mini-vacation!" or "it's so relaxing." I can't say that I feel the same way about it. The weird goggles and the feeling of being in a lit up disco coffin with 80's music (I have the choice of 4 radio stations and I choose the 80's station) is going to take some getting used to. I think I could even smell my flesh burning during tonight's ten minute session. I went straight to the gym afterwards and was worried that others could smell my burning flesh aroma as well. I must be going through my quarter-life crisis. Watch out...I may get a young boyfriend and a sports car in the very near future.;)

Oh, and since this is my first blog and all...I've decided I'm going to give mine it's very own twist by posting a goofy picture at least 1 x per week for your enjoyment. That's how I roll and stuff. Oh, and I'm also posting a pic of Liv just because.