Jun 26, 2008

We're Not in Freakin' Mayberry Anymore!

Ok, so Anthony thought he had locked his truck from inside the house last night with the remote thingy, but I guess it didn't take. The doors were unlocked all night and someone helped themselves to all of his change (he has a lot of change) and his Rayban sunglasses. It's crazy because Liv was up almost all night, so one would think I would have heard something or the dog would have barked. It was most likely a kid getting a cheap thrill-a kid that now has a lot of change and some nice sunglasses. Nonetheless, it's disturbing that someone walked onto our property and got into one of our vehicles while we were inside sleeping (or trying to sleep at least). We all too often have a false sense of security-crime can occur anywhere. Just take the double-murder that occurred in Knoxville a year ago. Who knew such as heinous crime could take place so close to home? Just remember, We're Not in Freakin' Mayberry Anymore! Lock your doors!

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