Sep 15, 2008

Another Strange Dream...

Drowning Dream Meaning
Psychological Meaning: Dreams of drowning or struggling in treacherous waters may represent your fear of being swallowed by forces hidden in the depths of your unconscious. You may be proceeding too quickly with your opening of the unconscious. It may be helpful to talk your problems and fears through with a
friend. They may be able to throw you a lifeline and help you 'keep your head above water'. The dream also shows how you are being overwhelmed by your emotions. You may fear sinking financially or be drowning in your difficulties. Do you feel that, in waking life, you are being 'sucked into' something you would rather not be a part of? Pause for a while and make sure you have your 'feet firmly on solid ground' before you make any major decision.
Mystical Meaning: A business will flounder if you dream of drowning but will succeed if you are rescued.

Ok, so last night I had this very symbolic dream, or at least I think it was symbolic. Anyhoo, I had jumped off into a lake or ocean or something and somehow under the water, I got my wedding rings caught up in a ladder. I was drowning because my rings were hung up. My only hope for survival was to remove my wedding rings. I felt remorse for losing my wedding rings, yet I was relieved to have my head above water. What does this all mean? I pulled the above dream interpretation from one of those dream interpretation sites. It sort of makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

Emily says....Very interesting! Has Anthony been holding your head under water in the tub again?! ha