Sep 3, 2008

This is for You Tammy

So, those of you who have actually taken the time to read some of my posts, may know that I have strange dreams from time to time. Well, last night, I had a dream that actually made sense in some sort of cosmic way. My cousin passed away 10 or so years ago at the age of 19. We grew up together and were fairly close, even though we fought a lot. She was the closest thing I had to a sister since I'm an only child. So, she was in my dream last night, and we had a conversation. It seemed so real, even though I knew I was dreaming, if that makes any sense. She told me, "I'm always with you and watching over you." I was like, "so, you're my guardian angel?" She said something to the affect of "no, it's not like that--it doesn't work that way." It was so nice talking to her in the dream and I immediately woke up following the dream and felt very calm. Of course, I googled the whole dream scenario and read that loved ones can in fact, communicate with us in our dreams. It's weird timing because Tammy's 29th birthday (I think) would have been this Sunday and the anniversary of her death next month.

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