Sep 17, 2008

Update on Previous Post...

I just did some research on laws/regulations and such regarding telemarketers--it is violation for telemarketers to call before 8 AM and after 9 PM. I decided, while I was at it, to go ahead and finally get on the do not call registry. I could have filed a complaint had I been on the registry for at least 31 days. It wouldn't have made a difference anyhow as the number was unknown, and the telemarketer did not give me their name or affiliation. I should have asked...too late now. It should be against the law for a number to be unknown.
All of this B.S. just made me think of another issue. Recently, the phone rang, and on the caller ID it showed Buddy's Bar-B-Q, Powell, TN...I picked it up thinking it was someone I knew and it was one of those automated calls trying to sell me satellite service or something. How do people get away with this crap?
I can't believe that one call has sent me on a rampage tonight...hehe.

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