Sep 29, 2009

Deep, er, um, shallow thoughts...

So, I've decided to start jotting down the useless, random thoughts/ideas that pass through my brain each day, taking up lots of space. This is my way of defragmenting my brain.;)

1) So, I woke up before Liv this morning thanks to my boring dreams. Aren't dreams supposed to be sort of an escape from the real world? My dreams consisted of organizing books and other items on a shelf and changing my car insurance companies.

2) The Biggest Loser book was being presented on the Today Show this morning, and they were giving examples of healthy food alternatives, one suggestion was to swap out mayo with fresh avocado slices. I thought to myself, "mayo is a non-negotiable," nothing can replace mayo in my book.

3) I think I'm going to start jotting my random thoughts down and blogging about them.

4) I think I'm going to dress Liv up as Lady GaGa for Halloween, tacky!

5)I'm writing on floral scented paper, but should I have opted for the cupcake scented paper instead?

6) You know, I always say I love Fall, but the word Fall really signifies the fall of the year. I'm going to say Autumn from now on, plus it reminds me of my friend, Autumn.

7) I had a dream just the other night that I was using a Ped Egg. Deep down, I really want one of those things...

8) I never noticed that Band-Aid on Rose's knee before, and how many times have I watched this same Golden Girls' episode?!?

9) 9 random thoughts so far today.

10) Why do I always whisper, "yes," and pump my arm (I don't know how else to describe it ) as if I've won a prize when I check my work voicemail and get that "you have no new messages," recording?

11) Wow! this Arm "n" Hammer Whitening Booster makes my mouth so foamy, it looks like I have rabies!

12) Honestly, why do people try so hard to snag that front parking space @ the gym? You're going to workout people! If it's that difficult for you to walk to the door, then the gym may not yet be the place for you.

That's all for today folks.:)


Anonymous said...

Loved your random thoughts! Great idea! I do believe the gym one was my favorite.


My Husband Doesn't Listen so maybe you will said...
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Bizarro Novarro said...

Thanks Kerry...the folks who light up a cigarette as soon as they leave the gym cracks me up too.