Oct 7, 2009

Strange Dream Marathon...

Last night's dreams were relentless, my friends. First, I recall being in a rural area with fields, farmhouses and such. There must have also been a body of water, such as a river or lake as it began to rain and there were massive waves of water approaching and I was trying to escape. I held on soooo tight to Liv to ensure that the waves didn't sweep her away. We tried to find refuge, but it seemed like the water was surrounding us and rising more and more. Finally we climbed to the top of a hill, and thank goodness that dream ended.

Then, all of the sudden I'm in what seems to be a club inside a strip mall. Not sure what the name of the club is, but in my dream, it's understood that it's a popular club in Knoxville. I meet my friend Lisa and her husband Chris there. For some reason, Chris is angry with me over a prior engagement. Apparently, I borrowed his lighter and forgot to return it. I argue to Chris, "why would I keep your stupid lighter when I don't even smoke?!?" That ends, and for a brief moment I'm somewhere else, who knows where, using my Barry's Bootcamp (an exercise program I'm currently doing) transformer ball, which somehow manages to land on an open paperclip. Yup, you guessed it, my transformer ball deflates and I'm just devastated! I keep thinking to myself, "where am I going to get a another transformer ball?" "I need to get some exercise today, I guess I'll go work a walk." And then in a flash, I'm in the parking lot of the club I mentioned earlier. I go to my car as Lisa talks to the club owner who is a woman. My car is super messy (in my dream) and I'm trying to get situated just to get into the driver's seat. I have stuff such as stuffed animals everywhere-weird. I keep noticing this female shop owner (next to the club) looking out the window at me with concern. Finally, she comes out of the store and begins to walk up to my car. I'm thinking to myself, "are you kidding me, what does this chick want?" At this point, I've opened up a perfume bottle (some new brand of Ralph Lauren perfume) and I hold it up to her and assure her that it's perfume and not some sort of alcoholic beverage. I'm not sure why I felt I needed to prove this to her. She said something to the affect of, "you can't be here!" By this time, Lisa and the club's owner notices, and the club owner apparently knows the shop owner and she yells to her that I'm her customer and it's OK for me to be parked where I was parked. Then, Lisa and the club's owner decides to come over and get into my car with me. I explain to them that my car is very messy, but tried to make room for them to get in. Lisa sits in the passenger side, and the club's owner sits in the back passenger side. We chat for awhile and then they go get into another car parked somewhere behind me. As I get ready to put my car into drive, all of a sudden, a police cruiser flies past me, with a normal car chasing behind it and purposely smashing into it, and then another cruiser flies by. Apparently gunfire is involved, because I hear someone yell, "everybody, get down!" So, I'm kneeling down under my steering wheel just thinking to myself, "I've got to get out of here, what have I gotten myself into?!?" Finally, that dream ends.

Then, I'm in what appears to be a mall, but it's also an airport. I have Liv with me and we're shopping. Liv is being a bit disruptive as toddlers often are, so this lady takes it upon herself to say something to Liv. I get angry and yell at this lady saying something to the affect of "you are not her mother!" Then I have to take off after Liv because she begins to run through the mall/airport. The mall then turns into more of an airport setting and I no longer have Liv with me. I'm looking for a ride home. Finally, this older man with a mustache appears, and he's in some sort of uniform. It's a camel brown uniform-kind of like a boyscout or state trooper uniform. He leads me to the parking lot (it's dark out), and he says something to the affect of, "I'll have to charge extra since I have to use my own car." He leads me to this old car...maybe a 1970 something Buick? Heck, I don't know. I recall it being a yellowish color-oh, and it was a 4-door model. I hop in the back and recall the old car smell and the smell of the gasoline burning. It had those old leather or pleather seats or whatever they were made out of back in the day (I don't know a lot about cars). Out of the blue, my coworker/friend, Melissa runs up to the car and says that she too needs a ride so she hops in, and then another person hops in. I end up in middle back seat, and have to use a lap belt, which I wasn't too happy about, since I had no knowledge of the man's driving record. We then drive off...

I continued to have some crazy dreams, but I cannot remember the details as I did in the one's mentioned above.

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