Mar 4, 2011

Vloggin' It Yoga Style

Don't forget to scroll down and mute the music playlist and turn your volume way up because you can't hear a word I'm saying throughout the video...and just for the record, I'm a complete nerd! Oh, and um, yeah, in the beginning I rave about Christopher O'Reilly's cover of Radiohead's "Black Star," which you won't be able to even hear playing in the background. Um, and I think I repeat the phrase, "here we go," like a billion times. hehe Please be forgiving, however, as this is my first "vlog." I promise the next one will be better. Namaste!


Anonymous said...

Loved it!!


Anonymous said...

I love it. Please do some more.

Aunt Jane Ellen

Bizarro Novarro said...

Thank you all...I aim to please, so there will be more. Maybe next time I'll sing hehe;)