Aug 1, 2010

My Version of the Hangover...

Ok, so first and foremost, I'm a mommy-let's not forget that. BUT, let's also not forget that mommies still need to let loose every now and then. Liv's 3 1/2 and is JUST now starting to stay overnight with her grandma and pops, so mommy and daddy take advantage of this every once in awhile. Well, last night we were JUST going out for sushi with a couple of friends-JUST sushi. I promised that we would not go out for cocktails afterwards. OF COURSE we went out for cocktails afterwards. Here's a list of events that occurred not in any particular order

1)This dude came up to me (according to my husband-I don't remember) and he said "hey, Kelly!" Apparently I said hi back and then the hubster asked me who dude was and I told him that I had no clue.

2) I discovered that my purse was missing-turns out I left it in the bathroom.

3) I kept picking on these poor wannabe guidos who were simply trying  to play some pool. I kept asking them if they were from Italy and if so, what part, and yada, yada, yada...

4) My friend handed me a drink and after I held it for a few, she asked me why I wasn't drinking it-she had bought me a shot. haha! I thought I was just holding her drink for her.

5) I kept pressing the issue for my friend and her boyfriend to get married and I was just meeting her boyfriend for the first time. She didn't mind, but he probably did!

6) I woke up in my clothes from the night before.

7) I texted my friends to find out if I did anything too embarrassing.

8) I was reminded why I don't go out much these days!!!