Aug 7, 2010

GTL (a bit late)

Ahhh...yes, another week of fist pumping drama. Actually, I was hoping for more drama in the second episode of Jersey Shore in Miami. Of course, I was happy to see Ronnie and Sammi rekindling their romance-we'll see how long that lasts. Oh, and leave it to the guidettes of the Jersey Shore to find the sluttiest store in Miami. Snooki just had to have some 300 plus dollar bedazzled sunglasses that she couldn't even see out of. This didn't stop her from wearing them. She continued to wear them, but consistently complained that she couldn't see. Take the glasses of Snooki! I laughed when she went to the fridge to get pickles (still wearing said glasses) and knocked some meat that was marinating out of the fridge. She was so upset because sauce got on her signature fuzzy slippers. Oh my! Oh, yeah, and everyone was pissed because Angelina was hogging the telephone. I'm not sure who the hell was calling her, because noone likes her. I miss the duck phone by the way. Oh, and I failed to mention Vinny at all last week, because, well, he's just lame. As for J-Wow, I really don't like her or her fake boobs. And as for Pauly D and Mike the Situation, they're CD's (you figure it out), but still very pretty to look at. They always brag about creeping and getting hot girls, when in reality, they may lure a grenade into their STD infested hot tub. Until next time, keep fist pumpin'!:)

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