Mar 21, 2010

Today's Tennessee Happenings

I should have just named my blog "Today's Tennessee Happenings," as there is always something entertaining or just plain weird to post about Tennessee, particulary, East Tennessee.:)
I think I'm going to start a new segment titled, "Sweet or Sad Sunday"

The following link will lead you to an article/video that pretty much speaks for itself, but I'll tell you a little bit about it. I can't believe this made the news! A couple got married at the Bass Pro Shop in Sevierville, TN, and the bride was all decked out in a camoflauge dress.

SWEET or SAD? You tell me! (here's another new thing I'm trying as I'm not sure if anyone is even reading my posts-the first person to respond with a "sweet or sad," answer, will have a special post devoted especially to them!)

(don't forget to scroll down and mute the music player before watching the video)

Signing off...


Stephanie said...

The marriage is sweet but Bass Pro, really?! That's sad!

Anonymous said...

Darn , Tn bball is str8 sweet right now and the fact i got second comment is str8 sad, as I posted on your fb page not knowing this one, hahahaha - Justin

asunnytoll26 said...

Hey not my kinda of thing but what ever makes them happy. I got married at the court house where my husbands parent had to sign for him because he was only 17 =) LOL