Mar 4, 2010

Thursday's Moment of Zen


At first I thought of naming this "Thursday's Thought," because it's catchier, but oh well!:)
The following is from an article by Zen teacher John Tarrant published in the Shambhala Sun:
2) If You Are Alive, That's Good; Lower the Bar
In any predicament you can notice that you are alive. Considering the vastness of the universe, this is an unlikely event and you can rejoice and take delight in this occurrence.
The article closes with the following thought: When you are present in your own life, it extends infinitely in every direction.
-John Tarrant
Try to be present in your life today-enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the company of family and friends, enjoy some peace and quiet, and just enjoy yourself!
Signing off...

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Specific Ramblings said...

Kelly, this is the bang bang. I needed to hear it!!! Peace Mama!