Aug 20, 2008

My Daily OM

I receive my horoscope from The Daily OM via email each day and found this particular horoscope to be so appropriate for the day:
August 20, 2008 Present Joy Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
You might be enjoying the company of children, which could make you feel young at heart today. Perhaps it is the carefree way in which children are able to express themselves, or the abundance of energy they seem to have, but the time you spend at play today may remind you of this unencumbered and free state of being you experienced as a child. This may be a great time for you to consciously release any worries you have in your adult life and make a point to experience the joy that comes from both being in the moment and being fully present in your body. As you let go of anything that is in your mind, you might make certain that you bring your attention to simple things, such as the look and feel of your hands or the sensations you experience throughout your body. You may also notice that focusing on the here and now could bring a greater level of enjoyment to everything you do. Letting go of our thoughts about the past or future helps us to completely experience and appreciate the joy of being in the moment. When we are able to do this, we are really allowing ourselves to go back to the time in our lives when we didn’t have to worry, when our main focus was on savoring each and every second. Being with children or simply letting yourself be childlike today will free your spirit and make your day truly precious.
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