Aug 5, 2008

Life Before Life

Ok, so I fall asleep at night with XM radio's talk channel. I woke up this morning to Dr. Oz's show. He was interviewing the author of the book titled, Life Before Life. This show immediately caught my interest. They were talking about children who claimed to be reincarnates who had similar birthmarks and/or birth defects to the injuries of those who they allegedly were in a past life. For instance, one child was born with a distinct birthmark on his leg resembling the entry/exit wound of a bullet. It turns out that the person they were in the life before was shot in the leg in war. I know most of you guys don't believe in this stuff, but if you're interested, just follow the link: and read the case studies.

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Anonymous said...

It's Emily...see ppl do read your blog.:) Anyway, I saw him on Oprah talking about this stuff with another guy/ author who would hypnotize ppl and they would revert to memories of past lives. They would find that some illogical fears they had in this life were somehow connected to past lives. Very interesting.