Oct 8, 2011

Out of the Darkness

So, today I participated in the Out of the Darkness walk in memory of my father and all others who have been affected in some way by suicide. I went expecting to walk alone, but was almost immediately approached by a woman who saw that I was alone and she walked with me. She had recently lost her cousin to suicide, and then she introduced me to another woman who had lost her father to suicide. I went alone and came out with what I hope will become a local support group. I have tons of support from across the country, but it always helps to have someone nearby as well. Following the walk, there was a candlelight vigil (unfortunately, the candles were quick burning and burnt our hands). Nonetheless, it was touching. There was also touching music by a great local band called Blue Mother Tupelo. At the very end we all recited the following poem by Sandy Martin, titled, Lifekeeper Promise

Someone we love did not keep their life.
In pain and anguish, they ended their strife.

In this lifetime on earth, we'll  see them no more
Yet, we carry them always in our soul, in our core.

Now we're left here and we must stay.
We have life to live in the fullest each day.

For we are the LifeKeepers, Truth Bearers, Peace Seekers
We are the wounded
We are the healed
We are the LifeKeepers-our commitment now sealed.
-Sandy Martin

It was very healing to finally be around others who have dealt with the same pain. There was a mix of emotions-smiles, laughs, anger & most of all, lots of tears. The most touching thing I witnessed was a group of firefighters who had lost a fellow firefighter to suicide. Enough with words, I'm going to share some photos from today's event.

My green ribbon symbolizing the loss of a father to suicide.

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