Feb 26, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

I've had a lack of creativity as of late, so I'm going to give in and do this 30 Day Photo Challenge I've been seeing some folks do on Facebook. Day numero uno starts with a picture of yours truly and 15 facts about me-get excited!

1) My 4 year old daughter, Liv, is my world and my best birthday gift ever, as I woke up with labor pains the night of my birthday (12/04) and she came along a couple of days later (12/06).:)

2) My fave color is pink. "Pink," was my nickname in college because of the excessive amount of pink in my dorm room. This was before the singer came along and ruined it for me.;)

3) I pass out at the sight of blood and/or needles, but I have four tattoos. All but one of my tattoos mean something. My first tattoo is the typical "tramp stamp," and it's just a design I picked in pink (imagine that?). My second tattoo is the saying, "Baruch Bashan," which means, "The Blessings Already Are." My third tattoo is Liv's name on the back of my neck and finally, my fourth tattoo is Namaste in Hindi. (OK, so I really went off on a tangent there)

4) I've owned/own 4 Honda Civics, and I've named them all except for the one I currently have-I guess I should get on that. My first Honda was named Trina after the rapper, and my second Honda was named Trina Dos, and I forgot what I named my third one.

5) I won female music student of the year my senior year of high school. Yes, I was a gleek before being a gleek was cool.

6) I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee-class of 2003, yo!

7) I love to drink pickle juice.

8) I love yoga and practice it 3 times per week. Pigeon pose is my fave.

9) I'm an only child, which explains my quirkiness.

10) I have anxiety attacks on a regular basis-sometimes daily.

11) I love to dance and I do zumba 3 times per week, sometimes more (I went 4 days this past week).

12) The only plant I can keep alive is bamboo, so that's the only kind of plant you'll find at my house.

13) I have an obsession with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)-I can drink it straight up. That's straight up sick, right?

14) As of 03/01/11, I will have worked in the social services field for 6 years. I coordinate services/supports for folks with MR/DD. Past jobs have included: telemarketing, waiting tables, retail, and working as an office manager in a psychiatric office. I would have to say retail was the roughest out of all of them.

15) I wore braces for five and a half years and still have my retainer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retainer case.

Stay Tuned for More!


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