Jan 6, 2011

Life in Pictures

So, I've been quite uninspired when it comes to blogging as of late, but I hate to leave you readers (all two of you) hanging so I'm posting some recent, random pics. If you're my FB friend, then you've most likely already seen these pics so I do apologize in advance for my lack of creativity.:)

Photos from our family photo session on location @ Victor Ashe Park by Amy Larson

        I managed to capture this beautiful mullet-an accomplishment I'm quite proud of.;)

              The fam had a blast playing Just Dance on the Wii over the Christmas holiday.
                                          Liv has decided early on to become a rock star
                                           I'm not sure if modeling is in Liv's future, however.;)
                                       I continue to take random pictures while on the road.
                             Liv recently had her first antiquing experience, which she LOVED.:)

                                                                      I Love my Liv:)
                                                I retired another work calendar
                  (2007 and 2009 must have been rough years as the calendars have no covers).

                                Oh yeah, and East TN got more snow and we're expecting lots more!

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