Sep 11, 2010

Saturday Sabotage

Yes, the picture above is a flat tire on my car. This is just part of my crazy day. First, we drove through monsooning and flooding to and from Liv's dance class early this morning. When went we back out for lunch, Ant drove my car, which he rarely does. We run over a rock or something going up the street and just the way the tire hit it, I said, "I sure hope that didn't just bust my tire." We go on thinking nothing else of it. Later, I'm in the garage with the door open a few feet, power walking on the treadmill with Jay Sean's Down blaring on my iPod dock. For a moment or two, what I thought I heard, was just Liv yelling inside. THEN, I hear a woman YELL and turn around to see a person's feet under my garage door. I think I may have screamed, then turned my iPod off and ran inside. All out of breath, I frantically tell Ant that a woman is outside the garage door (did I mention that I think she even stuck her head under the door?) and to go out the front door to see what she wants. It turns out she was selling steaks. C'mon lady, the garage door was open far enough to where  you could see I was on the treadmill. If I'm exercising, the last thing I probably want is a dang steak! To makes things even more crazy, it was the same meat van (van with pictures of steaks all over it) that cut me off the other day and then sat through an entire green light! Ok, so after all the craziness from crazy meat lady, we notice that my tire is flat. I immediately reverted back to what happened earlier on our way to lunch. I made Ant drive up to the spot where we hit the rock. It was a small rock with jagged edges. Ant had to hit it just right to cause my flat. He's never driving my car again by the way...haha! So, this has been my crazy Saturday!


smokymtnguy said...

I'm telling ya if you go veggie you won't have all these problems! haha

Bizarro Novarro said...

You know, I just realized that my past two blog posts have been about meat haha!!!