May 14, 2010

Friday's Fact: There's a Story Behind Every Name

There are some uber clever and creative blog titles out there-some are so clever, you just have to ask, "WTF?!?" Here's the story behind my blog's title. I have an old blog that's probably still somewhere out there, which was titled, "My Husband Doesn't Listen so Maybe You Will." I quickly realized the title was much too long and was kind of dumb and obnoxious. Ok, so I'm a Seinfeld fanatic, and anyone who loves Seinfeld has watched the Bizarro Jerry episode. Even though Seinfeld is known as the "show about nothing," there is a story behind every episode. Here's the 411 about the Bizarro World. In closing, I chose Bizarro Novarro's world as my blog title, because, c'mon you have to admit it rhymes, and because I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan (seriously, I can work a Seinfeld episode into almost every conversation).  Oh, and I guess I'm kind of bizarre myself. ;) That pretty much sums it up! Now, tell me your stories!


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