May 28, 2010

Another Strange Dream...

Oh boy did I have some strange dreams last night! Come to think of it, there was a full moon. Hmmm...maybe that had something to do with it. Anyhoo...I'm just going to name these off in no particular order, because I can't remember ALL of the strange details:

The first detail that comes to mind is a ladder. I'm not sure how it happened, but I find myself being kidnapped by a weird man who had been stalking me. He takes me to some garage and ties me to a ladder. I'm upside down. I guess he's a stupid kidnapper as he fails to tie my hands so I manage to escape.

Then, I find myself in a salon, which isn't my usual salon. I'm doing a walk-in appointment, which I would never do. I tell the stylist that I already had a cut and color a couple of weeks back, but I wanted to do something different. I tell her that I recently found out I had a stalker and I just need to relieve some stress. She suggests I do pixie bangs, and I'm like "sure!" She offers to do my makeup as well. Then all of the sudden, I notice an older man in the chair next to me who looks like he's going to yack. I freak out, because, well, vomit is disgusting. My stylist and another chick goes to help the man and takes him in another room. It seems like I wait  a lifetime for my stylist to return and she never does. I'm really bummed about not getting my pixie bangs!

Then, I'm suddenly at a restaurant, yet I'm still trying to track down my stylist and/or a manager to complain to. I feel like I'm walking aimlessly trying to find someone to complain to. I finally find a manager and start complaining about my stylist leaving. Obviously, that got confusing. I then run into my in-laws who are eating with some of their friends. They invite me to sit down with them. They are complaining about how they ordered their drinks hours ago and still hadn't been served.

Then, I find myself near a body of water, which I'm pretty sure is a lake. It may be an ocean though. I don't know haha! I'm just going to go with a lake. I run into a few people I know...oh, and I have Liv with me (I think). Everyone is talking about how much the water had risen. Apparently I have been to this place before, because I'm amazed by the difference. Where you could once walk, there is water. I stood on what is left of the shore, trying not to get into the water. Somehow, I manage to get pulled into the water and can't get out. I struggle and struggle to finally get to the shore. I recall having the fear of there being an earthquake, which could result in huge tidal waves. I take off and run as far and fast from the lake as I can.
Then, I find myself in a trailer. Liv is with me and she's playing with a toy kitchen. I recall her pretending to wash dishes. Then Anthony walks in and he's wearing a very conservative, long denim skirt. I'm thinking "what the heck is wrong with him?!?!?" I want to tell him how ridiculous he looks, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. I let him walk out the door just imagining what his friends would say!

THEN FINALLY, I'm startled awake by a horn honking because my silly hubster somehow managed to hit the panic button on his keys that were in his pocket. The last thing I remember before almost having a heart attack was the word, "Zork." I googled it to find that it's an old computer game. WEIRD!!!

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