Aug 5, 2009

PA Happenings (not much going on in TN)...

We all go to the gym for different reasons, but I can safely say that it provides stress relief for all. You know the deal, exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good, yada...yada...yada... Imagine this, you're on the elliptical or treadmill, pumping some iron, taking a yoga class, or an aerobics class, when all of the sudden a heat packin' freak comes in starts shooting up the place. Complete insanity! I'm going to keep one eye open at my next yoga class!


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I had missed this story until I saw your blog. Randy just joined a gym so I will have to tell him about this one! I'm so glad not much is happening in TN. I love your blog! See you on FB!


jessica said...

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