Aug 26, 2009

More Tennessee Happenings that NEVER Should Have Happened...

I've been following this trial from day one...So, yesterday, Cobbins was charged with the murder of Channon Christian among several other charges. Today was the sentencing, which did not go as anticipated. Cobbins was facing the death penalty, but was instead sentenced to life without parole. This was obviously a slap in the face to the families of both victims. I'm aware that topics such as the death penalty stir up a lot of controversy, but this case is unique. The types of torture these victims endured was unthinkable. Channon Christian spent her last moments of life in a garbage can. We're talking about someones daughter, sister and best friend. Chris Newsom's body was left burning by railroad tracks. He was a son and a brother. It really hit close to home today when I listened to Mrs. Christian's statement. She stated that Channon was a Sociology major at the University of Tennessee. I minored in sociology at UT. This also led me to think that it could have been me. I didn't live in the best part of town and didn't always lock my doors, etc. This leads me to my next point. I've heard several people say that this trial has had "excessive media coverage." I think it's important for the public to know that crimes like this happen, and they can happen to anyone. As a mother, it just breaks my heart to think of what Channon and Chris' parents are going through. Justice may have not been done today, but it will prevail in due time. As they say, Karma is a bitch. R.I.P. Channon & Chris.

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