Mar 6, 2009

The "Key" to Laughter Can At Least be Found in this Post:)

I have had some bad luck with blinds and windows today--here goes. I thought it was going to be a warm & sunny day today so I went to raise the blinds to open a window. Well, the blinds fell and landed on me and bruised my leg. It took me forever to get the blinds back up. Even Liv was like "uh-oh!" I then decided since there was a nice breeze outside that I would hang my wind chimes on the porch. I just ran out on the porch super quick to hang the wind chimes (I could see that Liv was ok through the window). I double-checked that the door was not locked and everything. Well, I go to open the door and it's LOCKED. I forgot that Liv can reach the doorknobs now, so she locked me out haha! I'm laughing now, but was freaking out at the time. Liv was just staring out the window saying "Hi Mama!" and laughing. I was in my PJs and slippers, had no cell phone, obviously no key, I was screwed. I just kept thinking to myself "my baby is inside by herself and I'm out here in my freaking pajamas looking a mess all for some stupid wind chimes." Thank God that I had just opened the window so I just started punching the screen until it came out. Anthony later told me there was an easier way to get the screen out, but I was in "fight or flight," mode at the time. Liv was laughing the entire time--she really got a kick out of it when I climbed through the window onto the couch. Of course, a few of my neighbors were outside and confirmed even further that I'm crazy haha. Once I was finally in, I took Liv back outside with me (leaving the door cracked this time around) and attempted to put the screen back in. Unfortunately, I bent the frame so it looks horrible. We'll be making a trip to Lowe's this weekend to purchase a new screen. This was almost worse than the time when I left a shot glass in the sink that fell down into the garbage disposal and was later "disposed," by Anthony. Of course, it broke the garbage disposal, and since it was my fault I had to buy a new one. I'm one destructive gal, apparently.:)

Oh, and I hope my good pal, "the Hoff," doesn't mind me telling her story. Ok, "the Hoff's," little boy is only 5 weeks older than Liv so we're always calling each other over parenting issues, etc. One day, she called me and was hysterical. She had accidentally locked her little boy (who was just a baby at the time) in her vehicle. She, too, went into "fight or flight" mode and took a rock from her neighbor's landscaping and was trying to break out the window (her vehicle was new by the way). Finally, she had to call 911 (her husband was out of town at the time and he had the only spare key). 45 minutes later they managed to get him out of the vehicle! Poor Hoffster!!!

Ok, I just thought of another story of being locked of the house I do this a lot by the way b/c I'm too paranoid to leave a spare key outside somewhere under fake dog poop or a fake rock, etc. I'm sure thieves are on to those things by now haha! Ok, so anyhoo, my garage door opener didn't work forever and I had used my spare car key to get to work that morning b/c I couldn't find my set of keys with my house key. I got home before Anthony and had to pee really, really, badly! I got the bright idea that I could use the handle on the garage door to open it manually. Guess who broke the garage door? ME! Another time, I didn't have my key and once again got home before Ant and had to pee really, really, badly. It was also freezing outside. Out of desperation, I had to squat and pee in my backyard, praying the entire time that my next door neighbor didn't come outside. I mean, really, what would you do if you walked outside and saw your neighbor peeing in the yard? haha.

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