Mar 10, 2009

Exactly, How Old Am I???

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OK, so my cholesterol was a bit on the high side at my last physical, so I read an article on natural ways to lower cholesterol levels. I decided to start by taking Metamucil. I bought some last night and made my first glass early this morning. I was a bit apprehensive because there is a warning that the fiber can expand in the throat and/or esophagus and cause choking. This is usually when there is not enough fluid to wash it down. Well, I made it anyway and started drinking it. Oh my, it was so nasty, gritty and thick--I could almost chew it. I immediately knew that something wasn't right so I went back to double check the instructions on the label. I had accidentally added one rounded TABLESPOON of Metamucil to 8 oz. of water as opposed to one rounded TEASPOON of the stuff. I was paranoid for several minutes thinking that my throat was going to close up so I chugged a bunch of water down. Ugh! Once again, just exactly how old am I??? haha!

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