Nov 27, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Oh, wow! Today I finished reading the Time Traveler's Wife in about one sitting, and it was amazing! I still can't stop thinking about it-the story consumes me! Oh! and then I had an epiphany...I remembered the blog I posted back in July '09 about me, meeting myself as a child in the dream. It would be so relevant now, so I'm re posting it.:)

I had another strange dream last night/this morning-go figure! Here it goes:
I was hosting a concert in my backyard,which consisted of my caseload (I work with individuals with developmental disabilities). Two of my clients went missing after the concert and I was walking around my house calling out their names. One of their names just happens to also be Kelly. I hear little footsteps coming down the street and this little girl stops in front of me. I realize it's not just any little girl-it's me as a child (see photos). I had pigtails and an outfit that I actually wore as a child-it was a Mr. T shirt and a skirt. What's sad is that I told the child or myself to go back. It was so real and so bizarre. I think I know what sparked the dream...I was watching Ellen Degeneres' stand up routine on you tube the other day and she mentioned that there is a inner child in all of us that lives on even after we become dull and boring adults. This led me to think of a teacher's words that I will always remember...she said something to the affect of, there's a difference between being "childish," and "childlike." She reminded us to always try to be "childlike." As you can see from some of my posts and videos, I can be very "childlike," at times, which I feel bad about sometimes. I feel that I should be more dull and boring and not enjoy swinging from vines, playing on the slip "n" slide, etc. I think the little girl (my inner child) came to me in my dream to remind me that it's OK to have fun. Maybe I'm way off here, but there was certainly no interpretation online for this particular dream.:)

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Kerry Osborne said...

I so want to read that book now. Sounds awesome. Hope you guys have a terrific Christmas!