Jun 14, 2009

I've gots da' Potty Training Blues

I can't make you potty if you won't

and you can't make yourself go if you don't want

I've tried stickers. That didn't work.

I know that is seems as if Mommy's a jerk.

But using the potty is a perk as changing diapers takes a great deal of work.

I know you know better because you tell me when you're wet.

But when I suggest you use the potty, you start to fret.

You've started to use your potty as a stepping stool.

But when I suggest that you pee-pee in it you look at mommy like she's a fool.

We've even tried pull-ups--you just pull them off.

So I sought advice from my good friend The Hoff.

We've even tried instructional videos on Youtube.

But you just thought Mommy was being a boob.

I told you that all your friends use the potty.

But you just thought mommy was being real snotty.

At this point, I'm not quite sure what to do.

As Freud would say, I should not pressure you.

So, I can't make you go potty if you don't want to.

-Kelly Barnes-Novarro

Love ya Livvy-J!:)


Anonymous said...

Oh boy does this ever bring back memories!I feel your pain and I LOVE the poem! We tried stickers, M & M's...the works. A sense of humor is key here and you've got a great one. Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

I can't see the yellow wrighting